"In Football, if the coach is yelling at you...you must be doing it right.  You must be very important to the team."

Project Coordinator

Ray started as a warehouse manager for Delux Productions focusing on corporate events.  He was looking for a more respected position with greater growth potential when Amy Garber came calling.  

His first move with Visions was for Twitch - world's leading social video platform and community for gamers – and it hooked him. He worked with our Senior Project Manager, Amaro Silva, at Salesforce for a few moves before being offered the position as a full-time Project Coordinator.

Family is important to Ray.  He believes he represents his family, especially his mother and father, in his community and his workplace in a way in which he believes they would be proud.

Ray feels that if the top people aren't coming to you for solutions, answers, or even a total hassle...you are not doing the job.